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This video discusses Visual Snow, and how to get rid of it. I have severe Dyslexia,  HAD (Hyper Attention Disorder), and use to have Severe Central Sleep Apnea.

I’m almost halfway there!

The next thing I’m looking into is other migraine medications that do not reduce blood pressure.

Reducing brain pressure is the logical next step, so I’m going to need to see a neurologist about the cerebral spinal fluid pressure in my head. I’m going to look into getting a spinal tap, which I’m really not looking forward to. I may be able to talk the neurologist into trying medications related to brain swelling before doing that.

I’ve been getting a really good response from my video at YouTube. And I’m very happy that I can help more people. My next video will be on sleep apnea and how I got rid of mine.

I know that visual snow mix up a portion of central sleep apnea. But because most people with visual snow don’t realize that everybody else doesn’t see it and central sleep apnea it’s such a rare disorder and the doctors don’t understand what causes it. At least a small part of central sleep apnea is caused by visual snow.

This is the only testament plain that I found for Visual Snow.

Visual Snow: a Potential Cortical Hyperexcitability Syndrome.

Autism and Visual Snow

A Little Further

Visual Snow

I have gotten a little further. I have went to Lasix, and then added back in Verapmis, a have seen improvement.

No Meds, and Holding

I have gone off all Medications, and the static is the same.

On again, and Improvement

I have gone back on meds, and have improvement.

Nose and Mouth gaurd

USE AT OWN RISK, I hold no responsibility for the effectiveness of this device.Freeware, Share and Share alike, feel free to modify, reproduce and sell.

The shield can be printed out of Plastic PLA (ABS will leach toxins), or out of Flexible, The Flexible is more comfortable.

You will need to print with support material. I would use 10% support material, and overhang angle at 60%. The more support material you use the longer it is going to take to print. If you are having problems removing the support material, try lowering the nozzle by temperature, or adjusting the Z distance.

I have included the .f3d Fusion360 design file. This shield is scalable, a uniform scale in the printing software will make it bigger or smaller, a non-uniform scale will let you to make it taller, shorter, wider, or longer.