Getting Diagnosed


Treatment for eye based VS

I am treating my VS with 3 medications, and am cycling on and off them. Lamotrigine at 400mg, 180mg Verapmil, and 20mg Lasix.

I take 200mg Lamotrigine, 180mg Verapmil, and 20mg Lasix on the first day, and then go to 400mg Lamotrigine, 180mg Verapmil, and 20mg for the next 3 days. Then I go off all meds for 3 days. Verapmil and Lasix are only in your system for 8 hours.  Lamotrigine builds up in your system. The improvement happens during the first few of days, that’s why you need to cycle off. This clears your system, and then you can cycle on again.

Lasix is not necessary but helps a great deal. Lasix can have serious side effects. The dosage that I am taking is 20 mg. 100 mg is the standard dosage for an adult.

Visual Snow: a Potential Cortical Hyperexcitability Syndrome. (Medications)

Has some useful information.

Treatment effects and comorbid diseases in 58 patients with visual snow

Brain chemistry 

Insular and occipital changes in visual snow syndrome: a BOLD fMRI and MRS study

Incresed Crebral Spinal Fluid Pressure. 

HPPD hallucinogen persisting perception disorder, (Drug acquired)

This disorder is characterized by a presence of sensory, and particularly visual, disturbances and shares with visual snow the characteristic of being continuous and sometimes unremitting. It is however necessarily associated with the consumption of hallucinogenic substances, which is certainly not a prerequisite of visual snow, as can be seen by the fact that the syndrome has been reported even in young children.

Other that may be related to people with multiple thought process

Protection by lactate of cerebral function during hypoglycaemia

Lactate in the brain: an update on its relevance to brain energy, neurons, glia and panic disorder