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    The understanding of Dyslexia, and ADHD has been determined by Doctors, and Mental Health Experts, the vast majority of whom do not have Dyslexia, or ADHD.

    ADHD was originally thought to be brain damage. Later it was thought to be Defect in the Ability to pay Attention.

Understanding the Fuzzy’s   

   The first thing you have to understand is that, there are people with ADHD, and Dyslexics, that see static; like on your old TV when a station goes out.

   Dyslexia is traditionally defined as encompassing all groups of people with reading problems, however, I want to separate who have hand tremors from those who don’t. The group that I am talking about have hand tremors, for both people with ADHD, and Dyslexia. These hand tremors are caused by the constant movement of the static. If you have ADHD or Dyslexia and do not have hand tremors, then I am not addressing you. The Dyslexics that I am addressing are considered to be Primary Dyslexics/ Visual Dyslexics. These Dyslexics have Dysgraphia but, the people with ADHD do not have Dysgraphia.

    An example of what I am taking about. I could not read my own hand writhing half of the time in Jr. High. I spent my day hunched over the paper, with both arms blocking out as much light as possible, squinting at the page while I gripped my pencil so hard that I dented it. Just looking at the paper under the Florissant lights for 30 seconds gave me a migraine. I flipped letters and numbers (both visually and in writing), I would write sentences- leaving out words, paragraphs- leaving out sentences. I am talking a-bought the old school definition of Dyslexia.

There are 3 Aspects of the Static: Size, Color, and Darkness:

Size: Big/White static, and small/dark static.

  1. The BIG Static is roughly 1/10th to 1/4th the size of 12 pica text. This static is mostly white with a ting of color.

  2. The Small Static is roughly 1/100th the size of 12 pica text, has no white and is highly saturated in the same color as the Big static.

Color: Based on my limited testing, Dyslexic’s see Blue static, and ADHD see pink, or purple static.

Darkness: of the Small Static. For Dyslexic’s the dark static is from middle blue to almost black. With ADHD  the dark static only get’s as dark as middle gray. So it is much lighter than the Dyslexic’s.

    The more severe a person’s Dyslexia or ADHD, the darker the Small Static is, and the more intensely white the Big Static is.

Dyslexic’s have a problem with reading because the the small static is close to black in darkness, and is blue in color.

    ADHD  small static is much lighter, getting no darker then middle gray, this is why they can read, and Dyslexic's can’t.  There is a need to understand that this is one disorder, with different manifestations.   

    Before Puberty the static is much stronger. This makes learning to read much more difficult. Dyslexics were found to use their right brain to read with a machine called Proton MR Spectroscopic Imaging (PEPSI). ADHD most likely use their right brain to read, however, this has not been tested.   

                *  *  *  *  *

    ADHD   = Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder

    Dyslexia= Greek for can’t read.

    ADHD are terms created by Mental health professionals in the early 1900’s. From the doctors perspective it makes total sense. ADHD people are easily distracted, and can stop one task, and switch their attention (focus) over to another completely different task in less than a second. Where as, the Non-ADHD doctor has to take at least a couple of seconds to think about changing directions. So the Deficit in the Ability to pay Attention to one task without switching to something else makes perfect sense from the doctors perspective.

    The thing that doctors don’t realize is that people with Dyslexia and ADHD have the ability to think about three separate and distinct things at the same time.

    The Doctors that came up with Deficit in the Ability to pay Attention where men. Men can only Think about one thing at a time (one thought pattern on the left side of their brain). Whereas, Women can think about two things at a time (one thought pattern on each side of their brain, left and right)(go ask one).

                    *  *  *  *  *

         I disagree with the label ADHD. Hyper Attention Disorder and not Attention Deficit Disorder is the way it should be described and defined. We are hyper sensitive. We notice everything. We see static, and can think about three thing at a time, and you wonder why we’re so easily distracted?

    Hadlexia ©= Hyper Attention Disorder/ Dyslexia

    Hadlexia is a term that I invented to correctly describe the condition that I have.

There are certain traits that all Hadlexics have:

  1. The ability to think of 3 separate and distinct things at the same time.

  2. We have to say each word in our head in order to read them from the page. We have to say each letter or word in our head  in order to type or write it.

  3. We suck at math, either basic or fractions/algebra, etc.

  4. Our hands shake like old men.

  5. Inability to sleep.

  6. Difficulty remembering names, dates, etc.

    Having the ability to think of 3 separate and distinct things at the same time is very distracting. Normally we have two thought patterns going on at the same time. The first thought pattern is where we do our main thinking and reading. The second thought pattern is the one that won’t shut up.  For example, the second thought pattern will repeat the words to a song you heard earlier that day, over and over and over again.  So in addition to holding a conversation with someone (1st thought pattern), and having the 2nd thought pattern repeating the words to “love me do” all day and night long, we are also seeing static.

    We do have the ability to use all three thought patterns from time to time. We can be on a conference call and think about 2 non-related  and completely different things at the same time. I know it sounds confusing, but we can do it. And you also have to realize that those thought patterns are being processed by our brains at a much faster rate than the average person. One reason we are hard to understand is because our brain is processing thoughts much much faster than our mouths can spit them out.

    There are fundamental differences between how men and woman handle Thought.  Men can only think on one thing at a time and do only on thing at a time. A man’s thought pattern is in his left brain. Woman have a thought pattern for each side of their brain. And unlike men their emotions will affect their decision making. This is known as Woman's intuition.

    When reading we can not look at the page and have the information pop into our left brain. Our right brain is the side that does the reading. We have to say each word in our head to get it off the page.

    With non-Hadlexic’s the left brain does the reading. This is because the left brain is Symbol oriented. When reading, the left brain nerves operate in a strait ordered sequence that repeats the same patten over and over, using the same nerves in the same pattern. The left brain is also designed to store data.

    Hadlexic’s © use the right brain to read. The Right brain is Shape oriented and because of the static our eyes see, at the time we’re learning to read as a child, the right brain literally had to re-build itself in order to process the text. The nerves used to read are in clumps, and there is no set pattern when we read. The activity  bounces from one cluster to another in no specific order. This is why we have such a problem with reading.

    Hadlexic’s have to say each word in their head in order to get it off the page. Even though ADHD people do not have the level of difficulties that Dyslexics have in learning how to read, they still have to say each word out loud in their head in order to get it off the page (process it). And they also have to say each letter or word out loud in their brain in order to type or write it.

    Math, either basic or fractions/algebra, etc., is a common problem for Dyslexics and those with ADHD. I think this is related to the numbers. Understanding the concepts of algebra is not a problem for some Hadlexic’s, but basic math is.

    Hand Tremors are common for both Dyslexics and those with ADHD. Our hands shake like old men. This is most likely do to the constant movement in our vision. I had a great deal of improvement in my hand writing by taking Bata Blockers. Beta Blockers are normally taken for high blood pressure. If you want to greatly decrease your hand tremors consult a neurologist, and tell them it is for academic purposes for writing. You have to explain to them that it is for fine motor control when writing.

    Sleep, Sleep, wonderful Sleep. Not. We see static with our eyes closed. So when we go to bed there is constant movement in our vision. With our eyes closed we see the small and big static. The white static rolls like a calm ocean in our vision. If we our tired the static will go into geometric patters or move like your going down a tunnel.  You also have to remember that we can think about 3 different things at the same time, and one of the thought patterns does not shut up. Most nights we may get 2 hours sleep, and it is not uncommon to go an entire week without sleep. On the weekends we sleep in but on Sunday night we won’t get any sleep because we have to go to work the next day.

We have a problem remembering names and dates.

    When I meet someone for the first time and they tell me their name, ie: Peter, the next time I talk with them (a few hours or days later) I remember his name started with a P, but I usually call them Paul, Phillip or some other name starting with P.

    Studying history was annoying because although I memorized the correct date while I was studying, during the test, I couldn’t remember if the event happened in 1849 or 1894 because I wasn’t alive then.

*  *  *  *  *

    Hadlexic's are hyper sensitive to Sound, Sight, Touch, Smell and Taste. We notice everything.

Sight: Because of the static constantly moving in our field of vision we not only notice what’s in front of us, but our attention is also drawn to any movement in our peripheral vision. The average person doesn’t notice things in their peripheral vision, so I think this is one of the reasons they  came up with ADHD. If we are talking to someone, and another person walks into our peripheral vision we will notice them right away, because of the static constantly moving. We then look over to see who it is, and this causes the person we’re talking to, to loose their concentration. And we're the ones considered to be ADHD? 

Sound: Pitch quiet is torment to us.  Having a fan or an air filter on is an absolute necessity for us to be able to sleep.  Remember we can think about three things at a time, so we will spend the entire night cataloging the noises, wondering what they’re caused by (an intruder, animal, etc.) and waiting for them to come back around.

Touch: As soon as I switched to microfiber blankets it became a lot easier to sleep.  Wool blankets, or corse  sheets will prevent us from getting to sleep because our mind can’t tune out the itchy sensation of the blanket.

Smell: My sister Lisa cannot focus on the task at hand if there’s a bad smell in the air. Being highly allergic to cigarette smoke, she actually gets angry, nauseous and experiences the flight response all at the same time. Her mental focus is taken over by her bodies reaction until the air clears, then she can mentally focus back on the task.

Taste: We are picky eaters. If something we eat has a off taste we won't eat it.

*  *  *  *  *

    I need to mention 2 other groups of ADHD.

Trace-Hads ©= See Tracers/Hyper Attention Disorder   


Hear-Hads © = Hyper Sensitive Hearing/Hyper

Attention Disorder

    These are also terms I invented.

    Trace-Hads © see Tracer’s, they are kinda like firework or shooting stars in your vision. This continually stimulates the brain, like the Fuzzys but does not interfere with the left brain’s ability to understand symbols. Trace-Hads tend to be calmer then Hadlexics. 

    Hear-Hads © have hyper sensitive hearing. They can be in the kitchen with the blender on and then walk out the front door of the house and irregardless of how many cars are driving by or dogs are barking, they can literally still hear the blender running.

    Both Groups do not have language disability that Hadlexics have. There may be other groups of hyper sensitive people out there. This disorder is all about Hyper-Sensitivity. We are over stimulated.

*  *  *  *  *

    White backgrounds are very difficult for us to read from because the big and small static stick out so much. By lowering the contrast between the text and the background it makes it much easer to read. Texture also makes it easer to read, because the static has a place to hide.    

    To find out what color you see, download the ZIP file from the Resources page.



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