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The New Horn


You can finally get rid of that annoying show horn! Simply insert The New Horn in your Shue, then step into your Shue, and then remove The New Horn. No need to hold it in place, bending over in your suit. If you wear loafers you don’t even need to sit down!

Print 7 layer shell with 10% infill, PLA. If you Print flexible use a bed support (not post).

Metal Detector Sand Scoop

This Sand Scoop should be printed in Nylon, or Armadillo. it is designed to be used with a 1" PVC. just mount 3 pieces of PVC, with a 90 deg and 45 deg coupler to make the shaft and handle.

Resolution: .3mm,  Infill: Print Solid if made out of plastic.

Wide shoe stretcher improvement set

Wide shoe stretcher, amazon has it.

You use this a gauge to keep from over tightening the screw so it won't come out of the track.

4 exterior layers, 20% infill

This video reviews the Bose Companion 2, and talks about how to increase the bass on small speakers.